The Master's Table, Book by FFOZ


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A Passover Encounter for Christians Published in 2017, this new streamlined, and beginner-friendly version of the Passover Haggadah titled The Master’s Table: A Passover Encounter for Christians has become a popular resource to for celebrating Passover at home, or as part of large communities. The new English Haggadah delivers the whole traditional seder meal with all the steps, but the readings and recitations are truncated to a manageable size, optimized for use in community seders and outreach functions. Easy-to-understand connections to Passover and the Last Supper are made explicit. The Master’s Table is the perfect resource for Christians who want to go deeper in discipleship and learn about Jesus in his Jewish context. This Haggadah takes participants through each step of the traditional Passover meal. On each page it draws connections between the inspiring story of the exodus from Egypt and the dramatic events on the night Jesus was betrayed. This booklet is useful whether one is celebrating Passover at home with family or as part of a large demonstration. New Testament passages keep the focus on Messiah People who are not from a Jewish background will feel welcome and included Clear instructions inform you how to set the table and prepare for the evening The English text is easy to follow and understand Readings are sensibly abridged to keep your Seder moving along Customs and procedures are presented in an authentic manner Color artwork and diagrams keep the attention of young and old alike Developed by Aaron Eby/Toby Janicki