The Sabbath Table, Prayer Book, Hebrew / English Edition


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Vine of David is pleased to present The Sabbath Table, prayer books representing a key component of faithful Jewish living. The Sabbath is a sign between God and Israel, and the dining table is the hub of Jewish worship. The Sabbath Table is offered in two editions; both present Hebrew and English on facing pages, consisting of Sabbath table blessings, songs, providing Messianic Jews, as well as those among the nations who are drawn to Israel’s light, with expressions of praise and prayer deeply rooted in Jewish soil. Exquisitely crafted, comprehensive, and thoroughly Messianic, The Sabbath Table stands proudly next to any comparative resource published in traditional Judaism. We have endeavored to make this prayer book as user-friendly as possible. The resource accomplishes this with extensive commentary, instructions, ­visual cues, graphics, and other tools to help believers pray with understanding so that they may fully identify with the meaning and intent of each prayer. Hebrew/English Edition: Hebrew is presented in the Hebrew alphabet and pagination is Right-to-Left. English/Transliterated Hebrew Edtion: Hebrew is presented phonetically in the English alphabet and pagination is Left-to-Right. Editions Both the Hebrew/English and English/Transliterated Hebrew editions contain the same prayers, blessings, songs, and commentary, as well as short instructional cues and notes on every page that will help readers enjoy the wonderful blessings of the Sabbath prayers. The Hebrew/English Edition is best for people who can read Hebrew letters like this: שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם. The English/Transliterated Hebrew Edition is ideal for people who prefer to read Hebrew using the English alphabet like this: shalom aleichem. Specifications: Hebrew/English Edition, Case Bound Size: Book 5.5” x 8.5”. Thickness 0.75” (page count: 211) Binding: Case Bound (Hardcover), Smyth sewn (lay flat), round back, headbands, gold gilding, and one placement ribbon. Cover: DuraTone™ PU/EF (Light Blue) Mink, with foil stamped (Brushed Gold) titles and decorative artwork and decorative heat burnishing; squared corners. Paper: Bright white, High quality Golden Sun smooth opaque, color-matching Endsheets. Heading and Paragraph Numbering System Numbers and letters in the margins are used as references for the prayers. The major prayer sections are marked with numbers; each paragraph or subsection is marked with a letter. Using this system, the person who is leading prayers can direct others to a specific prayer or section. It is also used as reference for the commentary. Messianic Insertions / Messianic Gentile Alternatives The Sabbath Table text conforms to the traditional text used in Judaism. However, in some cases, there are additional prayers, for all disciples of Yeshua. These supplement the traditional readings. Other times these are special alternatives provided for Messianic Gentiles in cases where the traditional prayer relates closely to Jewish identity. Zemirot Zemirot (the singular is zemer) are songs that are sung at the Sabbath table during the meal, often between courses. They serve to transform the Sabbath meal into a spiritually uplifting experience. Zemirot are written to channel the pleasure and joy of eating satisfying and delicious foods into feelings and expressions of gratitude, joy, awe, love, and yearning for God. Commentary Both editions of The Sabbath Table contain a comprehensive commentary section. The commentary section provides instructional information on how to perform certain rituals, plus in-depth information on certain prayers, blessings, and songs.