The Shepherd's Heart "Matters of Life & The Church" - SEASON (DVD / CD Set)


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At a time when believers are being led astray by cults, counter-religions and mediocrity, it's vital that leaders understand and convey THE Shepherd's true heart. Mottel Baleston, Steve Shermett & Humberto Porras lead the way in discussing and dealing with the difficult topics head-on.  This series deals with various Matters of Life & the Church. (Approx 12 hours - Episodes 127-129, 131-139)

12 Part DVD Series Includes:
Introducing Mottel Baleston
Jewish Traditions and Christians / Religion and Politics
The Gospel and Culture / Is it Kosher to Fire A Pastor?
Influencing Our Culture / Looking at the Bible Through a Jewish Perspective
Giving Advice to Young People
Baptism / The Apocrypha
Advice to Pastors / How to Demonstrate God is Real
Jewish Objections to Christianity
Get to Know the Guys / Struggles Churches Face
Church Hopping and Shopping / Pastoral Ministry and Family
Who Directs the Vision of The Congregation / Torah for Today
Jewish Traditions Are Not Legalistic / Homosexual Marriage is It Kosher?
Suicide and Heaven / Pets and Heaven