The Shepherd's Heart "The Tough Questions" - SEASON (DVD/CD Set)


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At a time when believers are being led astray by cults, counter-religions and mediocrity, it's vital that leaders understand and convey THE Shepherd's true heart. Mottel Baleston, Steve Shermett & Humberto Porras lead the way in discussing and dealing with the difficult topics head-on.  In this series, the team answers The Tough Questions: . (Approx 13 hours)

13-Part DVD Series Includes:
What About Tattoos? / What About Interracial Marriage?
Once Saved Always Saved? / Where Did Cain Get His Wife?
What Happens After Death? / Should Christians Tithe?
What About Dinosaurs? / What About Sex Before Marriage?
Is Baptism Important? / Is Drinking Alcohol Allowed?
Can the Bible Be Trusted? / What About The Trinity?
Is Gambling Wrong? / Why Does God Allow Suffering?
Was Jesus Just a Teacher? / How Can I Be Sure of God's Existence?
What About Church Membership? / Aren't All Religions The Same?
Is There Proof of the Resurrection? / Can A Loving God Condemn People to Hell?
Salvation & Feelings / I'm A Good Person…
Only One Religion Is Right / God Speaking To You
Catholic vs Protestant / Why Christianity Is The Only True Religion