Touched by Uncommon Favor by Ralph & Norma Molina


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Are you involved in gang activity, alcoholism, drug addiction or other habits that have enslaved you? Have you been in and out of prison and found no peace or purpose in your life? Then, this is the book you need to read! I, too, was a victim of these devastating problems afflicting our generation today, until Jesus came into my life and set me FREE! I have been detailed and transparent in my testimonial hoping to reach individuals with the same background and problems. My earnest prayer is to point them to Jesus, the ONLY hope. When no one cared or saw anything good, salvageable, or of value in me - a reject, an outcast of society, withdrawn, a human being completely controlled by Satan, God saw something in me worth saving. That's just like Jesus! It doesn't matter where you are at this point in your life. God does not judge you by your past to determine your future. God has a plan and a unique purpose for your life. Your BEST days are not behind you, they are ahead of you.