Wake Up, Stand Up, Look Up - Jim Jamieson


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It's Time To Wake Up Stand Up Look Up: A Look at America from the Viewpoint of an Ordinary American Citizen

We are living in very critical times in America right now, and it is our desire to share with you the calling to help and do all we can to bring restoration and healing not only in our Nation, but also to each person who is reaching out for directions in their individual life as an American. We as the people need to Wake Up, Stand Up and Look Up, and do the individual calling in our neighborhood, church, town, city, and vocation where we can reach-out, rescue, restore, and repair all that has been torn down or is in the process of being destroyed. We can do it with God's power and being willing to go the extra mile in many cases. May we never give up and lose our freedoms.

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY: Jim Jamieson spent many years in the business world owning a small business in real estate and insurance. After the loss of their 6-year-old son to leukemia, Jim gave his life to Jesus Christ and countless changes came to his family and destiny. God's call on his life opened the door for many opportunities to share the joy of redemption through the sharing of the gospel message of Christ. This new life of faith and hope has given Jim a heart of love for America and people around the world. He calls himself an ordinary American citizen.

Softcover | 164 pages | Xulon Press