We Won't Get Fooled Again - by Gregg Jackson & Steve Deace


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Christian Conservatives are feared and reviled by the same mainstream media that is also obsessed with them. Yet, any serious review of the record reveals that, despite all the angst the so-called "Religious Right" has created within the ruling class for decades, the larger war for the soul of America has been lost. How can that be so? But that's not just their opinion. What sets "We Won't Get Fooled Again" apart is that for the first time you'll read, in their own words, statements from recognized leaders within the movement who reveal that this controversial conclusion is shared by several within the movement itself. That's why "We Won't Get Fooled Again" isn't just an expose of a powerful movement that's lost its way, but also a plea to its next generation to get on our knees and pray we won't get fooled again.