What Every Christian Should Know About Islam by Mani Erfan DVD


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Mani Erfan, from Mani Erfan Ministries, presents vital information for Christians concerning Islam. This GLC Exclusive 6 program teaching series contains 3 hours on 2 DVDs. Mani was born in Iran and was raised as a shiite Muslim and immigrated to USA in 1983. While attending college at University of Florida to become an engineer, Mani had a super natural and miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ in 1987. In Mani’s own words,” I was introduced to the God of the Bible through such a manifestation of His Power that no words or traditions of man could cast doubt to me that Jesus Christ was a Risen God”. Shortly after moving to Houston Texas, Mani started attending Lakewood Church and was called into the ministry in 1991. Gods calling was to preach the Gospel to the Muslim world. Over the next 10 years Mani pastored two churches in Houston and Austin and helped lead several hundred Muslims to the Lord.