What's the Cost with Judy Reamer - Series


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Judy Reamer has a well-earned reputation for tackling up-close and personal topics head-on without seeming confrontational.  In fact, that ability combined with her wry sense of humor have made Judy a popular speaker and talk-show guest.

This exclusive GLC program is based on Judy's best selling book Feelings Women Rarely Share.   This is a topic every woman, young or old, married or single, should hear at least once in her life. As Judy broaches this subject which is often a “silent factor” in our lives, she confronts the issue of sexuality and sexual temptation.

What does a women do when she is drawn to someone she cannot have? Judy’s signature “Parable of the Cookies” presents the path of sexual temptation. Women must be prepared in this delicate and complex area. With props to tastefully and clearly present this fragile subject, the message is one of her most requested.

Judy is the author of Feelings Women Rarely Share, Parable of the Shoes and Wonder - How a Jewish Girl Went From Wondering to Wonder.  All of Judy's books are available at the GLC Bookstore.