An Honest Look at Marital Sex / Set of 6 CDs


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A presentation openly discussing a fragile area of life with the liberating truth of God's Word.

This seminar certainly addresses problem areas, but it is far more than that. It is also a time of encouragement and an opportunity for enhancing a marriage relationship. Judy calls it a booster shot for the marriage bed!

Judy Reamer and Rebekah Royal present a unique combination of differing personalities, spiritual backgrounds, generational perspectives, marriage relationships and premarital histories. The seamless blending of these diverse ingredients provides an inspiring recipe for a wide range of information, experience and powerful testimonies.

Not afraid to confront and speak to the difficult areas of the marriage bed, each issue is faced frankly with freeing biblical truth. You will immediately notice an empathy with the listeners. Along with the excellent information, good humor and heart-stirring testimony, you may find the answers for which you have searched.