Concealed Light by Tsvi Sadan


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The Concealed Light is a new breakthrough book that introduces the reader into the rich background and meaning behind the names of the Messiah. Everyone is familiar—whether they know it or not—with theophoric names: If your name is "Daniel," you might know that the meaning is "God is my judge." All the more so for identities given to the Messiah. In the Bible and other Jewish sources, the Mashiach is deliberately assigned various eye-opening and specific names. Each of these assignations offers deep insights into the attributes and expected roles of the person of Messiah—far beyond the watered-down concept of the Messiah that modern culture offers us. The exposure to Jewish sources in the way they are presented in this book could tempt some to defend or negate particular religious convictions. However, the material presented here is not intended to be used as a "sword" against anyone's beliefs. The author's purpose in writing this book is to introduce the reader to treasures that can enrich his or her own understanding of the complex and profound Jewish view of Messiah. Book Features: Beautifully designed and presented hardcover with 250 pages 101 names are grouped and arranged according to the Hebrew alphabet Unique index for each group of the names of Messiah in Hebrew and English Extensive references to biblical and non-biblical sources Full bibliography, plus index of names in English for easy reference