Restoration Workbook by Toby Janicki


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The new Restoration Workbook, based on the new tenth anniversary edition of Restoration: Returning the Torah to the Disciples of Jesus, contains eighteen chapters that correspond to the chapters in the book written by D. Thomas Lancaster. Each chapter contains an introduction and questions to help the reader explore the concepts and ideas presented in the book in more detail. The reader will be challenged to remember each chapter's contents and reiterate the information in his or her own words.

Also included in each chapter is a quotation from the book as well as a similar thought or quotation from an evangelical author to help facilitate more discussion. Finally, testimonies that will inspire practical application are included at the end of every chapter.

Use this workbook as a companion and review tool to the book. The study questions will help students acquire and retain the information more effectively than merely reading the book. This study guide will benefit the reader's comprehension and serve as an avenue for sharing the material with others.

Perfect for Small Bible-study Groups

This workbook is primarily intended for use in a group setting. Group leaders could set up a book study, where participants read a chapter during the week, and then the group could go over the workbook portion of the chapter during the study. The group leader could decide the amount of material to be covered. Some may desire to go through more than one chapter per week to limit the number of consecutive meetings necessary to complete the book.