Hallowed Be Your Name by Aaron Eby & Toby Janicki - Book


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A Study on the Name of God

Mayim Chayim Series

  • What is the real Hebrew Name of God?
  • Did Yeshua and the apostles speak God's Name?
  • Should we verbalize His Name?

The Bible commands us to sanctify God's Name. Are you aware that our English versions of the Bible conceal God's Hebrew Name? Aaron Eby and Toby Janicki teach about the Hebrew Name of God—a Name so holy that Jewish custom forbids even pronouncing it. First Fruits of Zion's clear and deliberate scholarship cuts through misinformation and superstition surrounding this issue while offering readers a firm grasp of the historical, linguistically and theological implications involved in keeping the commandment of sanctifying God's Name. Hallowed Be Your Name provides definitive answers for one of the most vexing and contentious arguments in the Messianic Jewish movement. A must-have for every Messianic home and congregation!