Tehillim: The Psalms of King David – Insights and Inspirations


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This spectacular book comes with both the Hebrew and English texts for each of the 50 Psalms we have selected, and a devotional thought accompanying each Psalm. Each page is illuminated and illustrated in full-color with biblical scenes, and is printed on parchment-like paper, with gold-leaf edges and a leather bound cover. Tehillim: The Psalms of King David makes a great gift that will also share the Word of God with others.

This edition of the Tehillim (Hebrew for "Praises") also comes with an index that highlights its greatest purpose -- to help the reader find Psalms based on themes or subject matters that speak to where they are, for example, healing, deliverance, hope, strength, and many more. Using the index, the reader will be guided to a Psalm or Psalms that speaks to their very need.